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Jacqueline Steenhuis
Leadership for Influence, Impact and Recognition

At last, Get the Recognition you Deserve and make the Impact you are Destined for.


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Do you feel

like you are another cog in the wheel?

Are you frustrated, unfulfilled and dismissed at work and then too tired at the end of the day to enjoy life? 

You have spent years building your skills and expertise. You know you want to make a difference in the world -the world of science, business, technology and you have the knowledge and skill to do it.

So how come you feel like you are not recognized for the work you are doing. Why does it seem as if the significance of the work you are doing is not seen? Is this how you imagined your life would be when you were in College? Long hours without the real recognition and fulfillment. Not enough time and energy to enjoy life not spent at work?

I help

you create a powerful professional brand that gets you noticed and recognized by the right people. We will create a strategic plan so that you work towards your impact, create content that will get you noticed and confidently stand out.

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Personal Branding and Positioning

You know it is important to represent who you are and how you make a difference, but where to start. I am here to help you get on the right track and build your brand from the ground up. We work to represent who you aspire to be. Then I am here to support you in making that a reality

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Clear Vision and Strategy

Branding and Positioning is an ongoing process. Once you have the foundation, it needs to built on and maintained. It may sound like that will take a long time, and it can. We will work together to create a strategic plan that aligns with your Big Vision. I provide support services so that the content creation and brand maintenance fits with your schedule.

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Does it seem as if there is still something getting in your way? When we are working towards success in careers we need to be leaders. Of ourselves and of our coworkers, clients, and fans. Yet leadership is something that is learned.We will work on changing the inner game, your mindset, and building EQ so you can step into confident and effective leadership.

“Personal Branding is all about your unique promise of value and what you bring to the table. It's (also) about getting your potential clients (and colleagues) to choose you as the only solution to their problem.”

— Dr. Sarah David



Jacqueline helped me to see how powerful I was and that I could go out in the world and do the things I wanted. she helped me find my courage to do things, regardless of how confident I felt.  I discovered the euphoria that comes after doing something that seems terrifying, like devising and delivering my first ever training session at work.

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Jacqueline has helped bring new light to several of my struggles.  she's helped me go deeper and step into action. With her guidance I've been able to make shifts in my mindset that have propelled me forward and instigated change.


I want to live in a world where everyone can achieve their highest potential and women and girls are recognized for their contribution. I believe that this will create a supportive and respectful world where all people can contribute their best to thrive at work and in life.

After years of trying to find purpose and passion in my work I finally feel like I am using my best skills to make a difference. This was not always the case.

I spent years pursuing recognition in Biophysical Chemistry, getting a PhD, and working for a nobel prize winning professor at Stanford. Yet, I continually got dismissed by my peers. I was unhappy and unfulfilled and while I knew that my ideas and contribution was valuable and I felt like an imposter.

I got home exhausted and unfulfilled and started a cycle of working harder and longer and one day I started crying in the middle of the lab. I had gotten up at the crack of dawn to do my work so I could pick up my baby from daycare on time. I realized I wasn’t enjoying my life and my daughter at all and I wasn’t working for my purpose.

After having my daughters and leaving academia, I had to reinvent myself, and the work I did, many times as my children grew so I could be who I wanted to be as a woman and mother. I created science visuals, websites, preschool curriculum, made business decisions, ran art programs and designed and ran a Nature Journaling program for elementary school kids.

When it came time to go back to paid work, I was confused about what I did and what I could do. I realized I couldn’t go back to the world of research. I lacked confidence and remembered how unhappy I had been. It was when I got clear on my purpose, my unique skills and what I enjoy doing that I was able to create work that I love. I have since helped women become confident in who they were, and develop a strategy to be recognized for the contribution they are making.




Are you ready to reinvent yourself?

Are you wondering whether your brand is getting you where you want to go or if having more clarity and confidence will help you? I know how you feel.

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